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Clinically proven to prevent and treat baby flat head syndrome.

Introducing the Mimos Pillow, the only clinically proven and breathable-safe baby pillow that can prevent and reverse the symptoms of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly (flat head syndrome).


The science of safe sleep…

Our Mimos Pillow has been designed by sleep experts to safely prevent and treat baby flat head syndrome.

Breathable design

Made using textiles certified as safe for babies, that allow for airflow at all times to prevent suffocation and keep baby’s temperature regulated.

Safe support

Clinically proven to prevent and reverse the impact of flat head syndrome, and to safely support your baby’s head in supine positions.

Comfort in all positions

Even pressure distribution and the unique cavity cradle allow space for your baby’s soft skull to regrow.

Medically-certified and clinically proven

Mimos Pillow is proud to boast the following accolades:

Germany TUV Air permeability test Airflow Safety - Anti-suffocation TUV Certification
British Standard BS 4578 : Air flow through Infant's Pillows
Europen CE Approved - Class I Medical Device
CO2 Rebreathing Safe - Tested in US Lab and Confirm by Medical Experts
Highly recommended by doctors and physicians internationally

Experts love Mimos

Picture ofPaediatric Osteopath

Frank Kelleher

As a Paediatric Osteopath I see quite a few babies with Plagiocephaly or Flat Head. While osteopathic treatment is of huge benefit for these babies, I found that the Mimos Pillow was the most significant additional intervention. I have been recommending this pillow for over a year now and I have seen the difference it can make in just a few weeks. For parents of a baby with a flat head, it is a product we recommend every day. We believe in it so much we have even mentioned it in our book, Cherished Baby and Child.

Paediatric Osteopath

Picture ofConsultant Paediatrician

Dr G R Lawson

As an experienced paediatrician I regularly see children whose parents are concerned about plagiocephaly. The Mimos Pillow alleviates pressure on the skull and it is claimed that it improves skull shape more quickly than a baby without intervention. I look forward to further studies, but in the meantime would much prefer to recommend this product (less than £80) as opposed to the extremely expensive helmet which is available for over £2000 particularly as the NHS is at present unable to support the purchase of such items.

Consultant Paediatrician

Picture of
Consultant Paediatric Osteopath
Team Lead Fulham Osteopaths Baby Team

Melinda Cotton DO

The Mimos pillow is a well designed. It reduces the pressure on the back and sides of a baby’s head, and the shape of the pillow keeps the baby’s neck and neck nicely positioned. It is also made from a breathable material, comfortable for baby and reassuring for parents.

Consultant Paediatric Osteopath
Team Lead Fulham Osteopaths Baby Team

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What makes the MIMOs pillow different?

Each Pillow is made up of 32 layers of 3D-AirMesh-Fabric and features a patented pressure distribution design.

no memory foam

Conventional baby pillows are not breathable enough to allow for safe airflow (especially if they are made from memory foam, which is not breathable). Mimos pillows are made up of 32 layers of 3D-Mesh-fabric which are completely breathable and allow for continuous and safe airflow.

Machine washable

Unlike competitor products made from memory foam, Mimos Pillows are hand or 100% washable and can be dried on your washing line in the sun. This allows the ultraviolet light from the sun to kill germs. Both the cover and the entire pillow can go in the wash to keep your pillow clean and hygienic.

heat and moisture regulating

Mimos Pillows are both heat and moisture regulating, meaning your baby can sleep both safely and soundly at night, staying cool, dry and comfortable.

Loved by thousands of happy babies and parents around the world

Gold Star Rating

Thumbs up from us

“If I could go back in time I would buy a MIMOS pillow as soon as I noticed my baby had a tendency to sleep with their head in a specific position as I do believe it would prevent any [Flat Head Syndrome] issues. The pillow itself is breathable unlike the clevamama which always made me a bit nervous.”

Dee - Verified buyer

Gold Star Rating

Best investment we have ever made

“Best investment we have ever made! At 3 months old we noticed that our daughter is developing flattened skull on one side. After reading a lot of information we decided to get this pillow and so happy we did it! She is now 2 and her head is nice and round. We used the pillow for a year, in bed, cot, pram, playmat and we could notice differences after a little while. It is expensive but so worth it! I wish I knew sooner, would have used it from day one!”

Vaddy - Verified buyer

Gold Star Rating


“Excellent product!! my baby had a very very flat head at the back. I began using this when she was 5 months for just a couple of months. Her head slowly began to change shape and it seems to have kickstarted the rest of her head following suit. She also rolled for the first time in her cot on this pillow, but as the pillow said she didn't roll face first into the pillow, she rolled over next to it as the shape of the pillow won't allow it. If she doesn't want it under her head she just wiggles down the bed. now that her head is more round we have stopped using it, but the expense is definitely worth it!”

Callie - Verified buyer

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