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why choose MIMOS baby pillow?

Mimos baby pillow is the only baby pillow on the market that is clinically proven to remove the pressure on your baby’s head whilst they sleep, without increasing the risk of suffocation.

clinically proven

Clinically proven to prevent and reverse the impact of flat head syndrome, and to safely support your baby’s head in all sleeping positions.


Made using textiles certified as safe for babies, that allow for airflow at all times to prevent suffocation and keep baby’s temperature regulated.

no active re-positioning required

Even pressure distribution and the unique cavity cradle allow space for your baby’s soft skull to regrow.

designed by engineers and healthcare professionals

Mimos baby pillow is a specialist pillow recommended by paediatric doctors, physicians and neurosurgeons around the world. Proven in a series of clinical trials to prevent and reverse signs of flat-head syndrome, our specialist pillow is designed by a group of passionate, like-minded engineers with your little one’s safety at the forefront of our inspiration.

Each pillow features our unique, patented ‘torus’ design, which is intricately made up of 32 layers of 3D mesh fabric, to form the unique torus shape that evenly distributes the pressure on your baby’s gentle skull. These light layers increase the pillow’s airflow capabilities, to allow your little one to breathe right through the pillow with ease.
  1. The outer layer of Mimos baby pillow is made up of CO2-rebreathing-preventive layers that increase the pillows airflow capabilities. Your little one can wriggle in and out of positions throughout the night and breathe easily through the pillow, no matter how they choose to settle in for the night.
  2. The 32 3D-mesh layers uniquely form a patented pressure distribution structure, which works to provide complete comfort for your little one, as well as dispersing pressure to support and protect your baby’s soft skull. Our unique, permeable, light layers disperse moisture quickly and evenly - providing no discomfort to your little one in the case of baby sweats, spilt milk or more common baby blunders.
  3. The third layer of the Mimos baby pillow is exactly the same as the outer layer. This means that the pillow is safe to use any way up as it is breathable safe (TUV Certification), and so your baby can breathe through all layers of material at all times. This makes the product safe from suffocation risk, no matter which way round it is used and even if your baby turns the pillow over through the night.

effective pressure distribution and no active repositioning

Our baby pillow removes the worry of repositioning your little one through the night, as each size of the Mimos baby pillow is uniquely designed to distribute your baby’s weight. Mimos pillow, provides 400% less pressure upon your baby’s delicate head, thanks to our Air flow 3D mesh fabric. Placing your little one so their head is located within the pillow’s specially designed cavity cradle allows space for your baby’s soft skull to grow comfortably as they wriggle and move through the night, without the need for repositioning.

  1. The specialist cavity area acts as a safe, soft cradle to allow space for your little one’s skull to regrow. Place your little one’s head in the centre of the cavity area to distribute and reduce the pressure of sleeping. The cavity area features a unique, three-dimensional structure that increases airflow, so your little one can continue to sleep peacefully if they turn to face the pillow as they dream. Mimos baby pillow is available in various sizes, designed to support different head circumferences and neck sizes.
  2. The inner structure of Mimos baby pillow is made up of 32 delicate 3D-Mesh-Fabric layers. These unique layers form to create a patented ‘torus’ shape to provide excellent pressure distribution and provide your little one with nothing but comfort.
  3. The natural properties of the inner mesh layers work to regulate your baby’s temperature at all times, allowing them to sleep comfortably and soundly. Our unique mesh layers were awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 accolade, the highest certification for baby safety.
  4. Unlike alternative baby pillows that are made of cheaper, synthetic fabrics that pose the risk of becoming dangerous for babies, Mimos pillow has a proud, ‘Air Safety’ accolade, meaning it is tested for CO2 rebreathing safe for babies as it is possible to breathe through the material. Tested in US labs and confirmed by leading medical practitioners across the world, Mimos Pillow does not pose a significant hazard for carbon dioxide rebreathing. Meaning your little one can sleep atop of one of our pillows without the worry of any exposed risks.
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Germany TUV Air permeability test Airflow Safety - Anti-suffocation TUV Certification
British Standards Institution compliance British Standard BS 4578 : Air flow through Infant's Pillows
Europen CE Approved - Class I Medical Device
CO2 Rebreathing Safe - Tested in US Lab and Confirm by Medical Experts
Highly recommended by doctors and physicians internationally

loved by thousands of happy babies, parents and healthcare prefessionals around the world

Picture of

Frank Kelleher

As a Paediatric Osteopath I see quite a few babies with Plagiocephaly or Flat Head. While osteopathic treatment is of huge benefit for these babies, I found that the Mimos Pillow was the most significant additional intervention. I have been recommending this pillow for over a year now and I have seen the difference it can make in just a few weeks. For parents of a baby with a flat head, it is a product we recommend every day. We believe in it so much we have even mentioned it in our book, Cherished Baby and Child.

Paediatric Osteopath

Picture ofConsultant Paediatrician

Dr G R Lawson

As an experienced paediatrician I regularly see children whose parents are concerned about plagiocephaly. The Mimos Pillow alleviates pressure on the skull and it is claimed that it improves skull shape more quickly than a baby without intervention. I look forward to further studies, but in the meantime would much prefer to recommend this product (less than £50) as opposed to the extremely expensive helmet which is available for over £2000 particularly as the NHS is at present unable to support the purchase of such items.

Consultant Paediatrician

Picture ofPhysiotherapist & Clinic Director

Carly Aspden (BSc, MPT)

Mimos pillow is a nice easy light tool parent can take and adopt into their sleep routine and helps contribute to naturally rounding out the baby head as well as resolving the flat head as quickly as possible.

Physiotherapist & Clinic Director

Picture of

Avni Trivedi

I highly recommend MIMOS pillow for use in a pram or cot to prevent and improve flattening on the delicate bones of the skull.

Paediatric Osteopath

Picture ofMelinda Cotton DO

The Mimos pillow is well designed. It reduces the pressure on the back and sides of a baby’s head, and the shape of the pillow keeps the baby’s neck and neck nicely positioned. It is also made from a breathable material, comfortable for baby and reassuring for parents.

Consultant Paediatric Osteopath
Team Lead Fulham Osteopaths Baby Team 

Picture ofLaura Patrick (BHK, MScPT)

I like MIMOS pillow because :
1st it evenly distribute the pressure from baby’s skull,  2nd  It is very light weight and 3rd I love the MIMOS  because It is very breathable.


Picture ofHead of Neurosurgery of Sant Joan de Dé u Hospital 

Dr. Josep Maria i Costa

We have analysed a total of 15 pillows on the market and only the MIMOS® brand of pillow seems to us both effective and safe.

Head of Neurosurgery of Sant Joan de Dé u Hospital 

Picture ofClinic Director & Osteopath

Alex Bidlake-Corser

We are the leading Plagio/Brachycephally manual therapy clinic in Herts. We have been recommending MIMOS products for quite some time! We use the Craniometer and bands to assess and measure plagiocephally and monitor improvement. We find the combo of the Craniometer and bands absolutely fantastic and easy to use.”

Clinic Director & Osteopath

Picture ofPura Vida Clinic

Joss Barratt, M. Ost

I completed my postgraduate in specialist paediatric osteopathic practice. I regularly see and treat babies with plagiocephally at my clinic in Reigate. I often recommend the addition of the pillow alongside treatment in order to achieve the best results. The craniometer is a great tool to measure progress objectively alongside treatment. 

Pura Vida Clinic

Picture of

Victoria Large

We do infants osteopathy – a gentle treatment for babies with straight during pregnancy and delivery. Often we see baby with 

Flat head syndrome and we recommend Mimos pillow as it complement to our therapy and baby can use It at home

Mid-West Osteopaths
Mother and Babies clinic

Picture of

Dr Mandy Banton

Registered Osteopath with clinic based in Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  She uses a wide spectrum of osteopathic approaches, including cranial osteopathy, to help people of all ages, including babies and children.

Gosforth Osteopath

Picture of

Zoë Freedman

We are a practice extremely familiar with treating pregnant women, babies and children. It’s expected that consultations may include a feeding break or a nappy change.

Manual therapies such as chiropractic can be beneficial during pregnancy.

MChiro PGCert MSc (Paeds) DC FRCC (Paediatric Faculty) FRCC (Animal Faculty) MBVCA MIVCA

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