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how we created the only breathable, safe and clinically-proven baby pillow

The story of how we created the Mimos Pillow, the only proven solution to flat-head syndrome recommended by pediatric doctors and neurosurgeons around the world.



In 2007, a scientist couple, David and Yin, noticed their 3-month-old baby boy had an abnormal head shape. When their son was 5 months old, their baby’s flat head gradually worsened.

They eventually went through the exhausting and expensive process of getting their son an orthopaedic helmet, which didn’t seem to offer any relief - as the casting of the helmet was very upsetting for their son.

After wearing the helmet for just two months, their son suffered from dermatitis, rashes and sore, blistered skin as a result. There had to be a less distressing solution… and it was at that moment that the idea for Mimos Pillow was born - the breathable, safe pillow recommended by doctors and physicians.

the pillow you can trust

Mimos Pillow is designed and clinically proven to prevent positional plagiocephaly, more commonly known as baby flat head syndrome.

Recommended by doctors and physicians internationally, Mimos Pillow eases the pressure on your baby’s head and has been shown to deliver leading results, particularly when introduced whilst the baby is still under 6 months of age.


why MIMOS pillow?

While the corrective positioning of your baby may work well up to the age of 3 months, here onwards, it can be difficult to alter your baby’s sleeping position. Babies habitually have a preferred side they like to sleep on, meaning the pressure is usually applied to just one side of your baby’s head.

As a baby grows, repositioning requires a lot of unwavering attention, especially during the night, which can lead to upsetting your baby if they’re being unwillingly moved from their favourite sleeping position.

Mimos Pillow removes the need to worry about repositioning your baby, as it works by easing and removing the pressure on your baby’s head and is clinically-proven to get exceptional, life-changing results.

Offering over 200,000 families peace of mind, across 20 different countries.

tried and tested

We put our pillow to the test and placed it directly in the hands of over 800 leading industry experts at annual health conferences. With health professionals, paediatricians, physiotherapists, GPs, health advisors and more testifying for the specialist safety standards of our pillow.


MIMOS proud accolades

Europen CE Approved - Class I Medical Device.

Airflow Safety - Anti-suffocation TUV Certification.

CO2 Rebreathing Safe - Tested in US Lab and Confirmed by Medical Experts.

Textile Safety Certification - Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 Safe for Baby.

Recommended by Paediatricians.