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Mimos Pillow is a specialist baby pillow designed - and tested - for prevention and correction of flat head syndrome.

Our medical-grade pillow for babies suffering from positional plagiocephaly is recommended by paediatric doctors and neurosurgeons all across the world, in Europe, Canada, US and Australia.

Here at Mimos, we’re a close-knit team of passionate, like-minded individuals, with safety at the forefront of our brand values. As it is our own children, as well as yours, who sleep safely with Mimos Pillow. We do this by applying all appropriate levels of testing to our pillows and we pass with flying colours.
We’re dedicated to providing a high quality service, with our small team of employees stream-lining our logistics to ensure our clients always receive a positive, knowledgeable experience.
If you’re equally passionate about child safety and want to take this to the next level, please keep in touch for the chance to thrive in a friendly environment and be at the forefront of campaigning for more research into Flat Head syndrome, as well as working as part of a wider, global team.

meet the team

Dr Hock Soon LOW

Dr Hock Soon LOW

Managing Director

Tony NG


Finance and Business Development Manager

Betty Skeet

Betty Skeet

Operations Executive

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